Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Princess, the Horse, and Road Tax.

Once upon a time there was a lovely princess with a long, wavy blond hair who lives in a castle. Her name was Princess Leilani Venizia, better known simply as Princess Leia. Although her castle was magnificently build, Princess Leia always dreams of going on an adventure, a very exhilarating one. And her dream was about to come true...

One day, as she went outside her castle to check on her horse, she noticed that the road tax on her horse, Heeirby, had expired. "Oh bummer!", she said. Though very unprincess-like, she is, after all, only human. And the word bummer is the worst she can say anyway.

"Now I have to go to the post office to renew this silly road tax", she continued talking alone.

But how, oh how could she ride her horse if the road tax had expired? Ah! The plot thickens. Now, wouldn't this be a great adventure? Grinning mischievously, Princess Leia swung herself onto her faithful Heeirby and kick start the strong stallion. Out of the castle she rode on and on and on, until the princess and her horse comes to a silent wood. She had to be really careful or the scary thing, called "Plice" could jump out of nowhere and issue her a summon for riding a horse with an expired road tax.

A quarter of an hour later, Princess Leia reached her destination. She tied Heeirby to a tree, and walked inside the looming tower alone. At last, she was there. She looked up, and read out loud,

"POS MALAYSIA BERHAD. I made it!", screamed Princess Leia as she jumped with her fist pumped in the air.

She went in, looking for the thing one needs to press to get a number. Once the machine printed her number, she look at it in dismay. "2098, right now serving 2006". Princess Leia wanted to say bummer again, but she forced herself not to. Hmmm, what could Princess Leia possibly do to wait while 92 customers finished their business? And so Princess Leia went out of that place in search of entertainment.

Princess Leia decided to go crazy playing video games at the gaming arcade. She only checked her watch once she finished playing the last game (it was the vending machine with claws, and she won herself a spongebob). Dizziness started to engulf herself, as it had been more than one hour since she went out of the post office! She ran, and once she reached the post office, well, this time she said it again,

"Oh bummer bummer bummer bummer bummer!!", for the the serving number is now 3003. Princess Leia felt like crying, but she held herself together, and waited.... She had a cunning plan that she hatched from her cunning mind. It was only 3 numbers later, at 3006, that no one came forward to claim it. With full confidence, Princess Leia marched forward to the counter. She didn't even bother to explain to the officer (if you do this, chances are, you will be told to take a number and wait all over again).

Oh what joy she had. Princess Leia had never felt so happy in her life. With Heeirby's road tax renewed, she rode Heeirby like lightning, and got back to her castle. Heeirby safely inside his stable, Princess Leia went up to her room and turned on the air conditioner.

And they live happily ever after.


Starring, in order of appearance....

Ambo, as Princess Leia
KuroKuning, as Heeirby the stallion
PDRM, as Plice
Pos Malaysia, as themselves


her royal highness said...


ur so funnyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Datin Paduka Bokbong said...

PLICE is a SCARY thing hah! hahaha
.jump out of nowhere...mmg btl!!


yellowherbie said...

HRH - silly story isn't it..

Datin - yeah, itu lah our PLICE. be cafeful tuh! haha.

thank you, thank you


Datin Paduka Bokbong said...

YH : sy keno b veryyyy careful with PLICE since my 'housemate' smacey tukkar jd PLICE.
(dem! x leh nk laghi manno la!nok wak bndo keji & hino pong beghigak slaluh!)

eniwei ni meme sedakk d baco!