Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hafiz Hashim - Kebanggaan Kelate (and Malaysia) again!

I rarely watch Badminton. But I still remember the feeling when Malaysia won Thomas Cup and we were all crazy about Rashid Sidek. I even have an autograph of him. But sadly, I don't know where I place it. 

I think I got to know Hafiz Hashim after he won All-England. I THINK. I really can't recall. I'm no longer in touch with him. Winning All England has gotten into his head so much. I'm never in favour of the Government showering too much gifts on young athletes after a big win. They are too young to handle the wealth (and fame).

But tonight I am proud to have watched him stepped up to the plate, when everything depended on him. He was Malaysia's hope tonight to move forward to semi finals. And he did it!! He looked cool. Almost ice-cold. And focused. I could see in his face how badly he wanted to win, to prove that he's still the star player that he once was, and how he tried to stay focused and gave his best. 

And you did Pih. The pandemonium that followed after your winning was magnificent. God I miss that kind of Malaysia Boleh spirit in a sporting event. Thomas Cup '92 and All England 2003 flashed through my mind. It was euphoric. I wish I was there in the indoor stadium.

I pray that Malaysia will win against China and qualify for Finals. I hope you won't screw up, because when you screw up, you screw really bad. I hope Malaysia will win the Thomas Cup again. We've waited far too long. 

Now that you're older (and I hope wiser), if we win, I hope fame, wealth and glory won't get into your head again. Because if they do, you'll mess up your beautiful master strokes. 

Congratulations! You made us Kelantanese proud of you once again! All the best for semi!  Watch out China! Malaysia mara bergaya! Malaysia Boleh!!


yellowherbie said...

ni nok bbango nih....cayo dok, ambo kecik2 dulu rajing main badminton nga hafiz hashim dekat rumoh ambo. main suko2 jah. derjah 2 ko 3 maso tu. and ayoh dio baik nga ambo, bual2 sokmo nga dio di kelab suara muda, KB.

:: fAzRa :: said...

ajah, mung tgk dop dio main mase lawan jepun?? aku sero nok nepuk jah....lembik gilor...nok maroh sero....

yeah...dio meme cool giler...tapi gak..aloh la..sakit hati aku..doh la duk marking paper time tuh...sero nok lepar pen tange aku..hahaha...

sib baik dio menebus male tdi....fuhhhh

Iron Butterfly said...

ewyn : ayoh dio kecek jawo + kelate. "weis mange?". hahaha. kalu ewyn jah 2 apih jah 4 la. 2 years older. huehue.

Mat : ho dio meme tok stable. pasey surut volatile sokmo. tapi kalu ado peluwae nok jjadi hero supo smale, bulih pulok mmaing molek.

Eein Haedzerin said...

banggo jugok. mujurnyo menang bergaya semalam. Tapi dio sangat Yo-yo. Naik turun. X consistent.